We hope you will find these resources helpful.

Books for Children:

Charlie Anderson. Abercrombie, B. (1990). Alladin

Divorce Is Not The End Of The World. Stern, E. (2008). Tricycle Press

Books for Adults:

Speaking of Divorce; How to talk to your children and help them cope. Beyer,R., Winchester,K. (2001). Free Spirit

The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce. Wallerstein, J. (2001). Hyperion.

What About the Kids?. Wallerstein, J.(2004). Hyperion

Crazy Time: Survivng Divorce and Building a New Life. Trafford, F. (2014) Morrow


Family Law Help

Family Law Handbook

Parenting Apps

We have a list of software apps developed to help divorced parents co-parent their children.  Most have email, calendars, text messaging, document sharing, and even cost-sharing features.  Please contact us to ask for the list.  We will be happy to send it.

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