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“Parents Forever” Parenting Class

How to Reduce the Impact of Divorce on Children

Children with divorce parents don’t have to come from “broken homes.” How well children adjust after a divorce and even into adulthood depends directly upon how their parents interact during and after the divorce process.1

The “Parents Forever” class teaches parents how to help their children through grieving the losses that come with family changes, positive listening skills, avoiding things that hurt children of divorce, and parenting styles.

Positive Co-Parenting

When parents focus on the needs of their children and  being cooperative co-parents rather than angry ex-spouses children can adjust very well, even into adulthood.2

Parents learn strategies for working together, communication skills, different levels of co-parenting, and helpful resources so that parents can work together to put their children first.

  • One session, 4-hour class
  • Taught on-line via Zoom
  • Certificate of completion given
  • Cost $85.00 paid in advance
  • Call or email for class dates and to register
A father looks lovingly at his daughter, which represents positive outcomes from parenting classes.

1Wallerstein, J. (2001). The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce. Hyperion.

2Blakeslee, J. Wallerstein, J.  (2003). What About the Kids. Hyperion.

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