Parenting Plans

Mediation Helps Children and Parents

You can reduce the negative impacts of divorce on your children by making parenting plan decisions together in mediation.

We can help you create a parenting plan that will meet the needs of your children and the circumstances of your parenting situation.  You have creative options beyond “cookie cutter” plans.

Your parenting plan becomes the roadmap that guides how you, the other parent, and your children will interact in the future; schedules with each parent, decision making, vacations, and much more will be included.  Your mediator will help you make good decisions that meet the needs of your family now and through the teen years.

Studies show that parents who mediate their parenting plans are much less likely to go to court with problems in the future, and that their children fare better into adulthood.

Wallerstein, J. (2001). The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce. Hyperion.

 [Information shared on this website, and in mediation sessions is not legal advice.  All persons are advised to seek the advice of a legal professional before making decisions or signing any written documents.]

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