Child Support

Clearing up the Mysteries of Child Support

Most parents have questions about child support.  Which parent will have to pay? How is it calculated?  Does parenting time effect the numbers?  What does child support cover? You may have heard a lot of information from well-meaning people who don’t really understand your particular situation.

Child support is more tightly regulated than the other topics we will cover.  We will help you understand State guidelines and enter your income according to those guidelines into the State Child Support Worksheet, run by a specialized computer program used by legal professionals.  It’s important to get it right, and there are some decisions you can make together.  We will walk you through it, step-by-step.

Geniece S. Brown is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, uniquely qualified to guide you through child support topics, whether this is your first look at child support, or a modification.

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 [Information shared on this website, and in mediation sessions is not legal advice.  All persons are advised to seek the advice of a legal professional before making decisions or signing any written documents.]

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