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Parenting Plans that work for you and your children
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Parent/Teen Intervention
Co-Parenting, Step-Parenting Issues
Elder Care Planning
Domestic Partnership Dissolutions
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Why try Family Mediation?
Divorce shouldn't mean a broken family.  Family mediation helps to create a new structure that
supports parents and children over time.
Even when communication is very difficult and agreement seems impossible, mediation can help clients
look at new options-  and happily, agreements that benefit everyone can be reached.
Beyond agreements, our mediators focus on improving communication skills so that parents can begin to
work together to parent their children.

Families in transition-
Families often experience difficulties during times of transition such as divorce, blending step families,
parenting teens, and caring for elderly parents.  Our Certified Family Mediators have advanced training
and experience in helping families in crisis openly discuss problems, working towards understanding and
reaching agreements.  

Situations we commonly mediate-
Divorce Agreements & Unmarried Partner Separation
Parenting Plans and Parenting Plan modifications
Co-parenting after divorce
Parents & Teens
Elder care
Planning for those with disabilities
Foster placement

Divorce Settlements-
Couples who are divorcing or ending a committed relationship can work out an equitable settlement
in mediation, creating an opportunity for better cooperation in the future.  Much faster and less costly  
than waiting for court dates and paying attorney's fees, mediation is a very positive way of moving ahead.
Mediated Agreements are legally binding documents.

Parenting Plans-   Making decisions together to reduce the impact of divorce on your children...

Divorcing parents with children are required to develop a  parenting plan that becomes part of the divorce
decree.  The parenting plan becomes the road-map that guides how family members interact in the future.

Family Mediation helps parents make all the important decisions about their children themselves.  The
plan they develop together can give both parents the opportunity to fully engaged in their children's lives
in a way that
works well for everyone.  

A good parenting plan will create a structure that will support the best interests of the children and the
of the parents in the new family structure.  Parents who mediate their parenting plans are much less likely
return to court with problems later.

Children who's parents can co-parent effectively together according to their parenting plan adjust to the
divorce transition with far fewer problems.

Family Group Conferences-    Supporting families when difficult decisions must be made...
  Elder Care Planning
  Reduce  conflicts
  Develop agreements
  Restore peace to the family
  Create a safe place for everyone to be heard

Parent / Teen Meetings-  

It's a challenge to balance a teen's growing  need for  independence with the need to
keep him or her safe.  Mediation can help both teens and  parents feel heard and understood.

Elder Planning-
When adult children must take care of aging parents, sharing responsibility and making decisions can
difficult.  In mediation, decision makers, including the elder when appropriate, discuss options and make
decisions together. Referrals
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