Benefits of Mediation over Contested Divorce
Full dissolution- Total Financial
Cost for both parties
$600 - $4000
$8000 - $60,000
Time frame to
Agreement on Issues
One to three months
One to two years
Cooperative, Balanced, Fair
Informal, Private
Adversarial, Antagonistic,
Divisive, Formal, Public
Affect on Children
Security of Parents working
Decisions that are best for the
Improved Communication,
Reduced Stress,
Better Long-term Adjustment
Stress & upset caused by
parents at odds,
Court decisions that don't work
for the child,
Ongoing parental hostility,
Drawn out Indecision
Long-term adjustment problems
You and your spouse
Court System
Likelihood of post-
Divorce Litigation
Low (less than 5%)
High (about 40-50%)
Private meetings,
Confidentiality protected by law
Public court hearings
Divorce court doesn't solve marriage problems.  The adversarial process inflames old wounds and
the conflict creates new injuries.  Court decisions and decrees do nothing to resolve the conflicts,
so the battles often continue, especially when children are involved.  Pain, scars, and the financial
costs remain.  

Mediating divorce agreements allows couples to make their own decisions together, considering
creative options and setting their own priorities.  Parents make decisions about what is really in the
best interest of their children.  Working through the negotiation process with skilled mediators
helps couples learn to communicate in new ways and how to make decisions together.  Parents
begin the healing process for their family as they form a new working relationship as co-parents.  

We always advise our clients to consult with their attorney throughout the mediation process, so
that everyone makes solid, informed decisions.

At Centerpoint we are dedicated to helping divorcing parents make good decisions that will
support the new structure of their family into the future.    
This chart represents comparative figures for divorce cases in southwest Washington that
require parenting plans, child support orders, and property settlements.  
Mediation of less complex issues such as parenting plan modifications or single issues often
take less time than specified and cost less to complete.