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Consider Mediation-

Mediation is an opportunity to be creative with options and reach agreements that benefit
everyone involved. You avoid court battles and legal fees, but it's more than that.

Discussions facilitated by skilled mediators can, and often do, bring parties to new
understandings, resolve old conflicts, and create new working relationships.

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process that uses an impartial third party to help
people discuss difficult issues and reach agreements. The mediator helps people identify
specific issues, talk about what they each want, and what they perceive to be fair.  Mediators
do not tell clients how their differences should be resolved, but when appropriate, mediators
may offer suggestions for the parties to consider.  

Mediation often saves time and money for clients, but most importantly it allows the parties
themselves to retain control over the process and outcomes, including the terms of the
Mediation is-
  • an informal discussion guided by a professional mediator

  • self-determined-  each person maintains control of the outcome

  • a private, confidential process protected by law

  • an opportunity to create agreements on any topic

  • a way to avoid public court hearings

  • much less expensive than court battles

  • voluntary- parties sign agreements only when it is in their own best interest

  • a way to build good will and repair relationships

  • an intelligent, reasonable way to resolve conflicts
Experience Matters-
Centerpoint Mediation is the largest  
non-attorney practice in Clark County,
focused exclusively on family mediation.

Since 2006 Geniece Brown has
successfully helped hundreds of families
reach agreements.

Marylhurst University
University of Washington School of Law
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