I just wanted to thank you so much for
helping me navigate this transition. I trust
completely that the outcome we've reached is
the absolute best thing and it wouldn't have
been possible to come to this place -
financially or emotionally - without you. Your
ability to find common ground, focus on the
shared goals and values, and help find
solutions that make sense and feel good is
pretty amazing, to say the least.
 I think I'm your biggest fan and would
recommend you without hesitance to anyone
seeking mediation.  
  On top of it all, I'm pretty sure your patience
and quiet, calm efficiency saved thousands of
dollars in this process.  
Thank you! - E.
Serving Oregon and Washington The mediator shared so much helpful
information- things we never would
have thought of.  We needed a very
special parenting plan for our young
child.  What we came up with is very
creative and will wok for all of us as
he gets older.  The mediator saved us
a lot of time and money, and the
process was much less stressful.  
We will come back if we ever need to.
Thank you for everything you did!
I think it was important that the mediator I
chose be someone with an open mind, who
could understand that gay and lesbian
relationship issues can be very similar to
traditional married couples issues. Not
everyone is tolerant of my lifestyle, but the
relationship is just as true and real and so is
the breakup and pain.  To find support in the
community and someone to turn to for help is
just as important for gay and lesbians as it is
for straight couples.  If I would have known that
the process of mediation and developing a
parenting plan could have prevented so much
heart ache and frustration I would have done it
years ago.  To reach out for help is often a very
hard thing to do. I'm grateful to you for
providing the services we needed and the
voice and direction to help us communicate.   
Thank you so much for everything.  L.H.
Powered byEMF HTML Contact Form Our divorce was very painful, but the
mediator helped us talk with each
other and reach a good agreement
about our property.  Now I can go on
with my life!  Thank you!   N.
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